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Cover Junk – Pirate Edition

Cover Junk – Pirate Edition

Ahoy thar matey! Today Parajunkee’s View has a special treat fer ye land lubbers. We’re doin’ some cover snark – all centered around a band ‘o scurvy pirates. Yep, ye heard me right – thar was enough bad cover design in th’ pirate genre to make a post ‘bout it! Aargh!

Veiled Magic by Deborah Blake

Veiled Magic by Deborah Blake

I like Deborah Blake’s BABA Yaga series, so I was excited to read the new one from her, VEILED MAGIC. And while the book was entertaining and I really liked the characters, they plot didn’t mesh together well for me. Some things just didn’t make sense. Enjoyed the writing, enjoyed the interplay between the characters, just not the overall story.

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