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Indie Summer Q&A with Kelly Walker

For today’s Indie Summer Feature, please welcome Kelly Walker to Parajunkee’s View. Book Name: Cornerstone Release Date: 10/01/2012 Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult   Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? My favorite indulgences are chocolate and books. I’ll read anything with a romantic thread. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, and our lovestory rivals that of a lot of the NA contemporary romances that are currently all the rage. I think that might be why I like them so much. When I’m not reading or writing, I’m taking care of a 5 adopted animals and...

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Creating Progress Bars for your Reading Challenge

This post had been previously published in 2011, but because of the Worpdress change-over it had issues in formatting and I had moved it to a draft. Since I needed this tutorial myself, I figured you guys might like to check it out also. News section & questions of the week are new. So, please welcome back…The Book Vixen: Today for BB101 I would like to welcome The Book Vixen…she has kindly offered to teach everyone how to do the progress bars. Give a warm welcome to one of my favorite fellow book bloggers…and if you don’t follower her...

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Book Blogging 101: A Critique or Mean Comment?

When I decided to begin blogging I knew that I would be putting myself out there. I post pieces of myself for everyone to see and it allows people to comment on my thoughts. They can choose to not comment, or the can choose to comment positively or negatively. It is what blogging intrinsically is, a way to share yourself and interact with others that get to view those pieces. [pullquote align=”right”]Mean Spirited Comments or Critiques Have Bite.[/pullquote]No matter how many followers you have, if you just have a handful, or a horde you should be receiving feedback. In...

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Book Blogging 101: Social Media Fuzzy Bunnies

Social Media brings out the best and the worst in the literary community. Yet, mostly everyone seems to be blaming the book bloggers. Back in August I read a nondescript article on SLATE about social media changing literary culture. [source] Prompting bloggers and other authors to adopt these über happy personas and LOVE ALL mentalities because of an intrinsic self-consciousness of a negative social media shit-storm. It would seem that authors and other social media personalities are learning from the misbehaved one’s {1} {2} mistakes via twitter, Amazon and Facebook and taking Thumpers Mom’s advice, of not saying a...

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BB101 Tutorial: Social Icons

Book Blogging 101 – Tutorial HTML can be easy! I was supposed to write a Brainstorming post for this week, but brainstorming gives me headache from the many “brainstorming” meetings that I had to sit through when I was delegated to the 3rd Circle of Hell in a past life (corporate marketing = 3rd circle of Hell). Thus, I’ve pushed Chapter 6 back to next week. I decided to interrupt my boring, yet hopefully helpful take on blogging tips with a bit of knowledge dropped regarding a question I get asked all the time. “I have social icons – now how do I install them?” Step 1: Find the Image, I have Free Social Icons for you! Oh look — I have some for you here:   These are the most common social icons that book bloggers usually include on their blogs. If you want more options there are usually tons of images available for free download across the web. Just search “Free social icons” in Google. Or if they are available like I have  here, just right click and save them to your hard-drive and keep them for your own. Step 2: Host the Images The second step is to host them with an image host, or server. The easiest way to do this is just by inserting them into a Blogger or WP post or page. Like...

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